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Travel Buddies

Travel Buddies:

We have 3 buddies who have asked us if they could adventure out of the library to see more of the world!

Meet Penelope, Chester, and Skittles.

Families can bring one buddy along for a fun trip, be it out of province, just down the road to the park, or a sleepover and the grandparent’s house! The buddies are prepared for a 3-week vacation from the library (unless asked for a longer time before booking the buddy).

Included in the buddy bag:
– Chosen buddy
– A letter to the family
– Passport
– Worldwide travel ticket
– Journal
– Drawstring Bag


We provide each buddy with a journal. Feel free to write, draw, or add pictures of you and/or your buddy’s adventure! We will be giving the same journal out to different families, so we suggest not putting anything too personal in these journals.