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Snowshoe Lending

That’s right, we lend out snowshoes!

Rentals are for 1 week (but can be extended if given advanced notice).

The sizes are based on weight and are listed as follows:

Small: up to 150 lbs
Small/Medium: up to 170 lbs
Medium: up to 200 lbs
Large: up to 250 lbs
XL: up to 300 lbs

Patrons are able to rent as many snowshoes as they need. Though, with this being a very popular service, we highly recommended you call in advance for mass rentals.

Borrowers must be 18+

Once the borrower leaves the library, they are responsible for all items. Any item lost/damaged will need to be replaced.

Replacement Costs:
Poles – $40
Snowshoes – $100