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Springfield Library’s Artists

This page is dedicated to the local artists that have kept the library walls vibrant and full of life with all their wonderful artwork. All of these are available to be purchased, and 25% of the sales go back into the library!

Get to know a bit more about the following artists:

  • Genevie Henderson
  • Ida MacKenzie
  • John Pawlyk
  • Maja Larson
  • Mariel Gobeil
  • Susan Selby


Genevie Henderson:


Genevie Henderson’s contemporary art is alchemy: – different, unique, with multi-faceted dimension. She has embraced a palette of impressionism, abstract, figurative, floral and cultural art rendered in acrylic, inks, mixed medium and metallic elements.

Sun Tzu in The Art of War observed “There are not more than 5 primary colours, yet in combination, they produce more dazzling hues than can ever be seen”.

Statement: My distinctive signature style is distinguished by passionate colour that in combination transforms my paintings into works with dazzling hues, images and motifs. I am intrigued with complex designs, exotic costume and tapestry. My paintings are recognizable through symbolism, stamping, markings, floating dots, and patterns that evolve into very original personal abstractions. Look closely, you may see the influence of Gustav Klimt who makes my artist’s heart sing.

I have resided quietly in the RM of Springfield for the last 26 years and display my past artworks in the Springfield Library. Giving back to the community through creativity is important to me. My art is making a difference. I am proud of my award winning public and personal artwork in many community and private galleries across Manitoba.


HUES by Genevie
Genevie Henderson, MSA, Visual Artist
Ph.: (204) 224-8398
Instagram: @huesbygenevie


Ida MacKenzie:

Multi Media Artist.

Ida’s creative spirit was sparked when she took up oil painting at a very young age. From painting, to potting, to carving, and back to painting, she pushes herself outside her comfort zone to learn more. Her subject matter is influenced by her love for animals and the surrounding landscape. She is inspired by her summers spent at a remote cabin in Northern Ontario where she experiences the raw natural beauty. She works in watercolour, pastels, acrylics, and scratchart and sometimes combines several of these materials to create the beauty of the world as she sees it.

Following the Unfolding Path of My Inner Soul To Create
You can find me under Ida MacKenzie on Instagram and Facebook.


John Pawlyk:

John’s career spans over forty years in the creative field as an illustrator, graphic and exhibit designer. His works can be viewed in many of Parks Canada’s interpretive centres across the prairies, Yukon, as well as the western and eastern Arctic. His paintings capture the essence of the prairie landscapes and waterways.


Maja Larson:

Maja Larson is a creative mixed-media artist in Oakbank, Manitoba.

Maja enjoys mixing her own archival paints using plant-based acrylic medium and plant-based watercolour binders, then layering together paint permanent markers, Posca pens, and metallic paint pens.

These mixed media are part of the unconventional wisdom that informs all aspects of her work.

The human imagination and creative current inform Maja’s unique perspective and are reflected in the Fantastical nature of her growing body of Art.

You can follow her as she creates her work on:
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Mariel Gobeil:

Creating images that capture beauty has always been a passion of mine. I prefer to think of what I do as “making photographs” as opposed to “taking photographs,” as the process of creating a pleasing final image requires many decisions to be made regarding subject matter, composition, lighting, and exposure. Nature never fails to provide inspiration, and I believe beauty can be found everywhere. I love to capture rich details, evocative moments and hidden treasures in the natural world.




Susan Selby:

Susan Selby has lived most of her life on the Canadian Prairies and draws inspiration from the prairie landscape – the local skies, fields, valleys, and forests provide the scenes she photographs and interprets in fabric.  The colours and textures of the trees and grasses and the endless variety of the wide prairie skies come to life in her textile art.   Susan uses a wide range of fibre materials and techniques in her work.

Susan’s artwork has been juried into fibre art show in Canada and the United States and can be found in private collections in Canada, the United States and Europe.

More of Susan’s work may be seen on the Fibre Art Network website