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Room Rentals

For Groups: $15.00 per hour (during library hours) / $25.00 per hour ( after library hours)
For non-profit groups:  Free (during library hours) / $20.00 (after library hours)

** If you plan to bring food or drinks, there is a $15.00 non-refundable charge ** 

For purposes of this application “Library” shall mean The Springfield Public Library of the RM of Springfield and “Librarian” shall mean the Manager of Library Services or the authorized representative of Springfield Public Library; “Applicant” shall mean the person or organization requesting use of the Library facilities. Applications for the rental of meeting rooms may be accepted up to 12 months in advance of the event.

Applicants applying to book meeting rooms should specify the official name of their group on the application form and in all event advertisements.

Meeting rooms are available for rental during regular library hours; however, the library may accept bookings outside the normal opening and closing times. Check with the Librarian for details.

Bookings will be confirmed upon receipt of payment. Rights granted to the Applicant shall not be transferred or assigned in any way. Cancellations must be made 48 hours prior to the event in order to receive a refund.

Where facilities are booked for a group or club, and the event is cancelled two times in succession, the library reserves the right to decline future bookings.

The applicant is responsible for technical equipment, although welcome to use the television, VCR and/or DVD player.

Kitchen facilities are available, along with limited cutlery, pots, pans, and dishes. As with all areas of the facility used by the Applicant, the kitchen and any items used thereof must be cleaned after use.

Publicity and registration are the responsibility of the Applicant. Groups holding a publicly advertised event in a meeting room must clearly state they are the sponsor of the event in all publicity. Advertisements for the event must be approved by the Manager of Library Services before being posted in the library. Upon request, the Library will consider posting events on our website. See Manager for details.

Fees may be charged and the selling of memberships will be allowed providing it is an association that anyone can join. Sales of goods will be permitted if approved by the Librarian.

Events must be supervised to maintain good order, discipline and safety in the use of the meeting rooms. Children’s groups using the meeting rooms must be adequately supervised by adults at all times. Activities must be limited to the meeting room and not flow into other areas of the library. The Library supervisory employee has the right to eject from the library or refuse admittance to any person who is creating a disturbance or behaving in an objectionable or unacceptable manner.

Applicants are responsible for the set-up of the room including tables and chairs and must return the room to its original condition. All food/beverage arrangements, set-up and clean-up are the responsibility of the Applicant booking the room. The Library is not responsible for any damage to or any loss of any equipment or belongings of the Applicant brought into the library.

The library is a smoke-free environment.

Constructing, erecting or attaching any device or fixture to any part of the Library is not permitted and Applicant will be charged for not abiding by the Library policies and for all damages to the room.

Room occupancy limits must be strictly adhered to and Applicants should be aware of fire evacuation procedures.

Applicants booking meeting rooms as venues for public events may not limit attendance on the basis of race, colour, religion, sex, age, sexual orientation, or mental or physical disability. The Library reserves the right to attend any meeting or event held in its facilities.

Use of the meeting rooms by any group or organization does not constitute an endorsement by the Library of the group’s policies or beliefs or the viewpoints expressed by participants attending the event.

Applicants must abide by and conform to all by-laws, rules and regulations of the Library and Provincial legislation relating to the occupancy and use of the library.

The Library will not knowingly permit any individual or group to use its facilities in contravention of the Criminal Code of Canada.

All Applicants hereby indemnify the Library against all claims of any nature and kind, and costs which may arise out of or by reason of the granting of the application; and against damage, infringement of royalty rights, slander, sedition and subversion’s which may occur as a result of public performances of speeches, together with any costs which may arise in connection therewith.

Applicants assume responsibility for any damage to the library or its contents which occurs during their occupancy and shall be billed for damage to, or loss of, library property.

Depending on the nature and use of the library, evidence of insurance, satisfaction to the Librarian, and protection of the Library’s interests, may be required.

Groups not adhering to the regulations governing the use of the meeting rooms may be denied future use. The Librarian, acting reasonably, reserves the right to change or cancel any or all bookings and the Applicant has no claim for losses, damages or compensation of any kind. Time may be reallocated when convenient and agreed to by both parties.