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Adult Book Club

Better Than Therapy Book Club

Wanting to meet other book lovers in the community and find new books that you may love? Then come join the “Better Than Therapy Book Club!”

The group meets the first Friday of every month to discuss the book of the month
If you’re looking to join this wonderful book club, please contact Kathy Curtain at 204-866-2404

The read of this month is:
“Dracula: complete and unabridged” by Bram Stoker

Next month is:
“A Pile of stuff at the bottom of the stairs” by Christine Hapkinson

Starting Your Own Book Club?

Visit the links below for information on how to get your own book club going:

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    Includes book reviews, read-alikes, author biographies and discussion questions.
  • GoodReadsIncludes reader reviews, trivia, reading lists, etc.  You can choose to sign up and share book lists.
  • BookClubs.caFocuses on Canadian titles and includes reading guides, information about author events, and books in the news.
    An online book club that anyone can join.
  • Oprah’s Book Club
    Includes recommended book lists, author interviews and more.
    Includes reviews, previews, stories behind the books, author interviews, reading guides, and more.
  • Mostly, we eat!
    A long-running book club that includes recommended reads and advice on starting a book club.