TD Summer Reading Club

Thank you  all for partaking in this years TD Summer Reading Program!

Our Winners:
-Alyssa Ullenboom – For most minutes read!
-Gavin Folkerts – won 1st place!
-Levi Veenendaal – won 2nd place!
-Claire Myers – won 3rd place!
*There will be small constellation prizes for everyone who participated in this years summer reading program to pick up.

We look forward to seeing you all again next summer!

This program is a wonderful opportunity to get the children, between the ages of 3 -12, reading throughout the summer and to help improve their reading skills.

Not only is this program free, but to help motivate the children to read, we have a little competition for those participating in this program – For every 20 minutes recorded on their log sheet, the participant will receive a ballot, which will be entered to win prizes at the end of summer! In addition to reading, children can write a book report and receive a voucher for a free movie rental! All log sheets must be handed, either in person or scanned and emailed, by Aug 22nd.

This year the program will be running a little differently in comparison to previous years.

To register your child, you will need to contact the library either through phone or email and provide us with the child’s name, age, and a contact number.

Once your child has been registered, feel free to download the online kits

These kits will include:
-A reading log sheet
-Book Report Sheets
– Colouring Pages
-Activity Sheets
-Craft Ideas (and includes some materials)
-A Snack Idea

Below we will include links to download any of the sheets included with the kits. This will be added upon each week from July 2 – Aug 22nd.

Book recommendations:
TD Summer

Printable copies:

Reading Log Sheets

Book Report (drawing)

Book Report (Basic)

Book Report (Essay)

Week 1 Activities

Week 2 Activities

Week 3 Activities

Week 4 Activities 

Week 5 Activities

Week 6 Activities 

Week 7 Activities