Effective July 17th, 2021

The library is reopening its doors to the public, allowing our patrons to come in and browse our collections during the allotted hours of Tuesday & Wednesday 10 am – 8 pm, Thursday -Friday 10 am – 4pm , and Saturday 10 am – 2 pm. While we are all thrilled to be able to offer this service to you once again, there will be limitations to using the library.  Please see the boundaries below for access to the library.

All social distancing rules still apply, including:

  • If you are sick, please DO NOT ENTER the library.
  • If you have been out of province in the past 14 days please DO NOT ENTER the library.
  • Masks will be MANDATORY.
  • Place books you have taken off the shelves into the blue bins around the library.
  • Children may enter the library, but must be accompanied by a guardian at all times.
  • All returned items must be placed in the return bin by the door, as we are still quarantining all materials for 48 hours.
  • Sanitization is required upon entry and will be supplied at the front for our patrons to use.
  • You are required to adhere to the health guidelines and REMAIN 6 ft. (2m) APART.
  • There are 2 computers open to the public and we will request that you book an appointment before your visit.
  • Loan times and fines are back to normal.
  • Public Meeting Rooms will remain closed.

We will continue to run our curbside pickup service for those who do not feel comfortable with entering into the library. Your health and safety come first!  Items will need to be placed on hold online or requested in an email. We will contact you when the books are ready for pickup.

Thank you for your continuing patience and understanding. We look forward to seeing you all back here at the library.