Last Updated 2020/09/24

The start of the 2020/2021 school year looks vastly different from previous years, with many health and safety measures in place to slow the spread of the covid-19 virus. Even with restrictions in place, a growing number of families are opting to continue to homeschooling their children for cautionary reasons and are looking towards us

Week One

Last Updated 2020/07/03

           Colouring Pages   Activity Pages Sudoku_with_answers_(Easy) Sudoku_with_answers_(Medium) Sudoku_with_answers_(Hard)

Reading Challenge!

Last Updated 2021/02/02

Our reading challenge is back for 2021! The instructions are: Keep track of your reading on this sheet. There are 12 items on this list so you can do one per month and space them out, or finish them all as quick as you can! Each challenge must be completed with a different book. Hand

TD Summer Reading Club

Last Updated 2020/09/01

Thank you  all for partaking in this years TD Summer Reading Program! Our Winners: -Alyssa Ullenboom – For most minutes read! -Gavin Folkerts – won 1st place! -Levi Veenendaal – won 2nd place! -Claire Myers – won 3rd place! *There will be small constellation prizes for everyone who participated in this years summer reading program


Last Updated 2020/04/01

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