Novelist Exhausted your favourite author's book list, and aren't sure who else's works you might enjoy? This database  makes some helpful suggestions based on your reading style.
Auto Repair Centre Even if you ARE a mechanic, or have decided to take your vehicle in for professional care, Auto Repair Centre is a great help in guiding you to maintaining your auto's performance, and gives step-by-step instructions for repairs. Once you are aware of the solution, having a discussion with your mechanic is no longer intimidating, as you now know what the mystery from bumper to bumper is all about. If you feel adventurous yourself, take a stab at minor repairs and maintenance such as oil changes to improve your own skill set.
Canadian Reference Centre This database includes leading Canadian periodicals, international periodicals, Canadian newspapers and leading Canadian reference books in full text; full text reference books; 84,774 full text biographies and an Image Collection of 285,912 photos, maps and flags.
EBSCOhost Web This database allows the patron to search through multiple databases at once, including Canadian Reference Centre, Academic Search Elite, Funk & Wagnalls New World Encyclopedia, and many others.
Home Improvement Reference Center The name says it all.... no need to hold open a heavy "How-To" book. Simply open the page on your laptop, computer or smart phone, and, voila! Clear, accurate information and instructions from plumbing and painting to electrical and carpentry, all at your fingertips. ( And a lot more, of course! )

Small Engine Repair Reference Centre            

Canadian Student Research Centre

Small Engine Repair Reference Centre: 

A favourite in the RM of Springfield !  We all have dirtbikes, snowmobiles, boats, riding mowers, and so on. This database holds the key to incomparable instructions, complete with diagrams, to repair and maintian, or simply to satisfy your curiosity about how things work.                                                                                                     

Canadian Student Research Centre:

With twelve sub-headings: Arts & Media, English & Language Arts, Business, Careers, Current Issues, Health, History, Math, Science, Social Studies, Sports and Technology, students can search online through this database that draws from its online resources including: magazines, newspapers, books and encyclopaedias, biographies, radio & TV news transcripts, Country reports, Province reports, Primary source documents, Photo's, maps and flags. Choose a topic you are familiar with just to try it out. Selecting the name of a local celebrity, we found 9 pages of resource materials. Seemingly endless in its content, the Canadian Student Research Centre is invaluable as an immediately accessible resource that provides instant information on every traditional subject taught in schools today, and many, many more. If knowledge is power, (which it IS ! ) let C.S.R.C. be your telephone booth, Super Student !



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