Magazines are a popular thing here at the library and we thought 'Hey, lets give them more ways to access new magazines!'
So for the next 3 weeks we'll be holding a trial period to see how it goes and whether or not you, the patrons, would like to implement this subscription permanently or not.

Flipster, (Click on link) easy way to access your favourite magazines digitally on any device either through a web browser or by downloading their free app! After trying it out, give us your opinion as to whether or not you think we should keep this around. We NEED your input / opinion to base our decision on- let us know if you prefer the online format, or prefer the actual "hands on" magazine. Positives (i.e. increased number of copies... more damage to the copy ) Negatives? (Not having the actual magazine in hand... Having to read from a screen...)  Please communicate with us: Copies of our FLIPSTER survey can be found on our Patron Services counter. You can email us: mailto: or call Donna, who will coordinate the survey.