With winter slowly approaching, there is no better time then now to start (or continue) to learn how to make some beautiful winter wear!

Oct 4th - Dec 6th from 6-8, the Moccasins/Mukluks/Mitts class will be held here at the library!
If you have any inquires about the classes or wish to register, please contact Carolyn at 204-451-0445, as she's now the one running the program! 

There will be a $110 registration fee (no refunds) due at the first class to the instructors. Participants are responsible to purchase their own supplies. Supply list will be discussed at the first class. 

Information about the sessions:
- Participants will be purchasing their supplies (leather, lining, fur (optional), beads, beading and leather thread, and needles). Or repurpose a leather or fur coat!
-Supplies and beadwork patterns will be discussed at the first class.
-In addition to class time, students should expect to allocate up to 40 hours of your own time to complete beadwork and sewing (yes, there is homework!)
-Class Breakdown:

-1st class- review supply list and beadwork patterns and make a leather thimble
- 2nd class- beading
- 3rd to 5th class- beading, beading, and more beading!
-6th to 10th class- create your pattern, sew liner, leather outer and sew together with fur.

These classes will be held on thursday evenings. Supply fees will vary depending on the project. Students will be provided with a list of materials and retail outlets at the beginning of the classes.