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We could use your help

The Province: more specifically, Minister Rachel Squires, has launched a broad public consultation to help define a new culture policy. Minister for Sport, Culture and Heritage, she has much influence and responsibility. PLEASE take time to give feedback so they know not only how important your library is to our community- but also how much more of a Centre of the Community SPL is.

Spring Break at the Library!

From March 28th - 31st we'll be having our 'Spring Break' week of fun!
Join us here at the library for one or more days of spring break entertainment!


Magazines are a popular thing here at the library and we thought 'Hey, lets give them more ways to access new magazines!'
So for the next 3 weeks we'll be holding a trial period to see how it goes and whether or not you, the patrons, would like to implement this subscription permanently or not.