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Welcome to the Springfield Public Library

Reach us at: 204-853-2039  Fax: 204-853-7995 

Cherie Denorer- Manager & Library Services :    

P.O Box 340, Dugald MB, R0E 0K0
60024 Highway # 206, just north of Highway # 15 (Dugald Road)

* Easter Weekend Hours:
Friday - Closed
Saturday - 10 - 2pm

TUESDAY          10AM - 8PM                    
WEDNESDAY     10AM - 8PM                       
THURSDAY        10AM - 5PM                                               
FRIDAY             10AM - 5PM
SATURDAY        10AM- 4PM 

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Recently, elibraries has updated their site and unfortunately, it doesn't work with the program we are using. But have no fear! We have contacted elibraries and we have found a way for it to work. Please contact the library by phone or email and we will assist you on getting elibraries back up and running!


NNELS: National Network for Equitable Library Service:

NNELS is a site dedicated to making different format copies of books for Canadian readers that have difficulties reading in print format.

Three of the categories include:
- severe or total impairment of sight or hearing or the inability to focus or move one's eyes,
- the inability to hold or manipulate a book, or
- an impairment relating to comprehension.


 MONEY! MONEY! MONEY!  Hopefully, that caught your attention :)  It is critical that we continue to receive Provincial and Municipal funding to keep the library operating. PLEASE- take a few minutes (the short version of the survey took less than 2 minutes for those who completed it online at the library) and answer the simple questions about the importance, use, and suggestions you have regarding your library. Click HERE for more details!

Our book sale shelves and paperback rack are adjacent to the Archives wall... always great prices, no worry of damage, late fees, or loss.   All funds raised benefit the Library: purchasing new books or movies for our collection, or in program development.  


WELLNESS RESOURCE CENTRE: Along the West wall, our Resource Centre features all information on services available in the RM of Springfield, from physical to mental health and awareness. We are fortunate to have the many facilities we do, including the support of the Andrew Dunn Org., who donated funds to create the centre. If you are a care provider, within the RM, please see Cherie to ensure that your organization is represented. We feel it important that members of the community have private access to information normally found only at medical centres. If you seek information not found in our displays, please send an email to Cherie, or give her a call, and she will accommodate your request.


Under "Library News" click on the subject, such as "Book Sale," to read about the item.  Many of the main menu items are also visible on the right-hand side of the page under Policies and Resources. To access your account for renewals holds and so on, hold your mouse over "RESOURCES" then click on "Catalogue Search" and login to your account. Have a look around our website to see all that we have to offer.  


Please note that all the fabulous art displayed in the library is available to purchase. Our "Springfield Signature Artists" are Ida MacKenzie, Susan Selby, Genevie Henderson and photography by Mariel Gobeil. Prices are very reasonable, as you are purchasing Originals, very often for the same price, or slightly higher, than that of framed prints elsewhere. Come and take a look! We're sure you'll find something you'd love to adorn your home, or as a gift for someone special.


** LOCAL ARTISTS: We are proud to feature work of local artists, by rotation, in space dedicated at the front of the library, in the computer area. Currently featured are the paintings of Dori Laine. Please contact Cherie to make arrangements. Not limited to wall space, sculptures, or other works that require the use our display case, are welcome. All artwork is available to purchase, with 25% donated to the library. Thanks to all artists for their generous support.